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WIA Intake Forms & Reports:

  • Application
  • Enrollment/Registration
  • Goals
  • Youth Test Scores
  • Exit
  • Individual Service Strategy
  • Case Notes


  • Point and Click Interface
  • Easy To Use
  • Data Entered Once, No Redundant Data Entry.
  • Edit Checks For Accuracy
  • Reports Are Easy To Read
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money

SamSoft is a leader in developing software that meets the needs of administrators and also the ever present needs of the working professionals that is dedicated to processing data. SamSoft has been creating software for the past ten years for Service Delivery Areas (SDA) and School Districts.

In the past four years, WIA Intake Software has proven to be a vital tool in reducing costs and drastically reduce errors for Youth Contractors and Alliance WorkNet, in Stanislaus County, CA. The areas of greatest improvement are as follows:

 1. In 2001, the data entry clerks estimated that there was a 60% error rate on the Application, Enrollment and Exit forms. In the 2005-2006 program year, the error rate percentage dropped to 3.1% because aggregate paperwork returned to contractors for correction equaled 147 out of 5139 JTA forms.

2. Stanislaus County was able to reduce its MIS staffs' workload. Documentation shows a 1.5 reduction in staff involvement due to the accuracy of the software's edit check functionality and the legibility of the reports produced.

3. Reallocation of Funds. Stanislaus County has saved $67,000 per year in staff cost alone. In addition, the county reports a $268,000 over the last four years.

We at SamSoft are confident to offer customized software solutions, training and affordability to ensure accuracy and speed of your organizationís daily task.

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